Existing Construction

What This Means for You
The new law requires parking garage owners and operators to have their structures assessed
and inspected at least every three years. The assessments should be performed by or under
the supervision of a professional engineer who is registered in New York.

Why The Law Exists
It was created to ensure the safety of both the workers and patrons that utilize parking
structures. With routine inspections and maintenance, all New York parking structures will have minimal delamination, spalling, rust, and cracking. This drastically reduces any risk of collapse and even extends the life of parking garages, creating cost-savings in the long run.

Existing Structures
In order to effectively organize the inspections of all existing parking structures, the law
identifies tiered dates in which certain structures must be inspected by. Depending on the date
your structure was built, you may need an inspection by October 2019, 2020, or 2021.



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